The Girl of Time

There is a time when a key is turned and we are lost between childhood and adulthood. We don’t want more toys because we feel grown up. We don’t want the responsibilities that come, because we consider ourselves too young. I saw this dilemma happen twice. One in my own life, another more recently with my teenage daughter. Everything that had been happening to her was very clear to me, as being everything I experienced as a teenager and didn’t know how to deal with it.

All that cloud that hovered over my thoughts and that obscured my vision, only dissipated with time, with the passing of years. My daughter went through the same process, eternally misunderstood, feeling like a unique being that no one ever understands. Hormones that arrived and transformed all sensations into new things. And how to deal with it all?

I could see her clearly in clouds with thoughts, unable to see for sure where she was. As a father, I welcomed and helped to see that all of this is natural and necessary. As a photographer, I wanted to transform all these complexities into images.